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1. Introduction

This is a staff guide to sources of research which can help diversify reading lists.

If you have any suggestions of appropriate resources or information to be added to this page please contact Library Online via the details at the bottom of this page.

2. Diverse research at Leeds Beckett University

Some of our University's research explores equality, diversity and inclusivity across various subject areas. Much of this research can be found by searching the Leeds Beckett Repository using relevant keywords to narrow the search results.

You might also find our guide to searching for inclusive resources helpful.

3. Other sources of diverse research

 Universities Description of Research
Addis Ababa University Institutional Repository Academic research repository that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material and scholarly communication.
Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Perspectives on Higher Education A tool enabling librarians, academics and students to consider more diverse curricula and sources of research, and take things further in their creative and pedagogic practices.
Research stuck in the middle: a systematic review of authorship in collaborative health research in Africa, 2014–2016 An article investigating how international collaborations affect the representation of local authors, overall and in first and last author positions, in African health research.
Stellenbosch University Research and Innovation Academic research, publications, researchers, knowledge directory and innovation.
UKSG 2019 Lightening Talk: Fitting in or Standing Out - Andrew Joseph, Wits University Press A presentation about the challenges, needs and relationships of scholarly presses in South Africa with the commercials, the academy and the industry.
UKSG 2019 Presentation: Decolonising Research Methods - Sara Ewing Goldsmiths, University of London A presentation about Western academic research in historical, political and social conditions that are tied to colonial practices of difference and hierarchy and addressing the inequalities embedded in pedagogy and curricula.
UKSG 2019 Presentation: Not on the List:Developing collections beyond resource lists - Andrew Knight, University of Roehampton A presentation about how cross-departmental collaboration has been able to identify content for postgraduate students and researchers, as well as supporting the University community’s wider needs by developing non-academic collections in health & wellbeing, citizenship and student support.
UKSG 2019 Presentation: Sharing library experiences from around the world - Miriam Conteh-Morgan, University of Sierra Leone A presentation about a librarian’s experience of new developments, challenges and work helping students develop their critical thinking skills.
University of Sierra Leone publications A list of academic research publications and other scientific discoveries undertaken during the current year.
University of Sierra Leone research A summary of academic research.



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