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Create Blackboard assignments for sub-groups

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff who want to set up a collaborative assignment for a group of students. You can do this using sub-groups.

2. Create sub-groups

Before you start, first set up sub-groups in your module by following the steps in our guide to creating sub-groups. You can then create assignments for each of the groups.

3. Create and release sub-group assignments

Now the sub-groups are set up, you can create assignments for each of the groups. If you’re not sure which type of assignment you need to create, please view our online assessment and feedback mapping diagram.

a. Create an assignment for each sub-group, giving the assignment a name that identifies which colleagues will mark it, e.g. Assignment - Group 1, Assignment - Group 2.

b. Click the action link (arrow) next to the assignment name, and click Adaptive Release.

Important: With Adaptive Release, students will only see the assignment they need to submit to. Instructors can still see and access all assignments. 

c. In the Membership section, you can make the assignment visible to specific users. There is a section labelled Module sub-groups. The Items to Select box should contain a list of the sub-groups you created earlier. 

d. Click the sub-group you’re making the assignment visible to, then click the right arrow to move the sub-group into the Selected Items box.

d. Click Submit.

4. Leave feedback for sub-group

You can follow the steps in our leaving feedback for a Blackboard assignment guide in order to share feedback with a sub-group. All members of the sub-group will be able to view the feedback, however it is possible to specify individual marks if appropriate. 


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Page last updated: 20/09/2018

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