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1. Introduction

MyBeckett allows you to embed Google Forms into a module or course group.

Students and staff can complete your form without leaving MyBeckett. This also speeds up the process of refreshing your content. If you have the form embedded within multiple modules/ course groups, making changes within Google Forms will automatically update them in all modules/groups.

2. Embed Google forms in a module

a. Open up a new web browser tab and log into Google Drive. All staff have access to Google Drive and you log in with your staff email as your username and the password associated with it.

b. Create a form or double click a previously created form in Google Drive to open it. Click Send at the top right of the screen - see the second screen shot.


The Send button

c. Click the embed icon 

This is the 3rd option on method of how to 'Send via' choose the following symbol:

< >

Embed icon

d. Click Copy (this will copy the HTML embed code).

Copy button

e. Open a new browser tab and navigate to MyBeckett. 

f. Navigate to the module/course group you want to embed the form in.

g. In a content area, hover your mouse over Build Content and click Web Link.

Web link button

h. Add a Name for it and in the Description section click the HTML button.

web link google form

i. Paste into the HTML code view box, either keyboard shortcut CTRL+ V or right mouse, click and paste, then click Update.

HTML web link g form

j. Switch back to the tab containing your Google Form. This time you need to click the link icon (looks like a paperclip see below). Then click Copy.

Link icon

k. Return to the Web Link settings in MyBeckett and paste the link into the URL box.

link to google form

l. You can choose to open it in a new window and also leave the default selected as Permit Users to View this Content.  Click Submit

viewing and open new window

m. The form is now visible in the content area.

web link google forms on page

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