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Enrolling instructors on a module

1. Introduction

There are different roles within MyBeckett modules, each providing different access permissions for users. Two of the main roles that you will encounter are instructors and students.   

2. Enrol instructors

Important: Never add students to credit modules via this method, as enrolled students are attached automatically by a data-feed directly from Banner.
a. Go to Module Management (located at the bottom left menu bar in your module), click Users and Sub-groups, then click Users.
 Users item in menu
b. Click Find Users to Enrol (located above list of students)
Find users to enrol
c. On the Add Enrolments page, enter the instructor's username e.g. person01 into the Username box > then change role setting  > then Submit (Do not click Browse).  
To add more than one instructor at the same time, separate usernames with commas (no spaces). E.g. person0,person02,person03,user1,user2 
NB:If you enter any usernames incorrectly, none of the enrolments will be processed.
d. Select the Role of the user from the drop-down menu (default is set to Student). Teaching staff = Instructor 

e. Click Submit.

3. Change a user's module role

If you have accidentally enrolled a staff member as a student, you can change their role within the module.

a. In your module's Module Management menu click Users and Sub-groups, then click Users.

Users item in menu

b. Locate the staff member in question and click the action link button to the right of the username.

c. Click Change User's Role in Module.

Change role link

d. Select the appropriate role from the list.

Role list

e. Click Submit.

4. Change a user's availability on a module

a. In your module's Module Management menu click Users and Sub-groups, then click Users.

Users item in menu

b. Locate the staff member in question and click the action link button to the right of the username.

c. Click Change User's Availability in Module.

d. Select Yes / No for their availability. This only affects the module you are editing.

e. Click Submit


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