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1. Introduction

Welcome to the Franchise Modules Start-up Guide.

Use this guide to help you prepare a new module or update a copied module in line with Leeds Beckett University's agreement with Franchise Partners. The steps in this guide also provide helpful tools and templates to enhance your module design. This will ensure a better user experience for all of our Franchise Partners and their students.

2. Copy your existing Blended Learning Module 

If you are copying a module from a previous year, follow the steps in our guide to copying content from one module to another.

Please note that the following content items should not be copied over:

  • Turnitin assignments
  • Links to the University Resource List System
  • Links to any digitised readings
This is because franchise students do not have access to this type of content.

3. Set up core module elements 

Modules in MyBeckett have a wide range of core functionality, which you can use to provide a clear learning journey and a consistent, engaging experience for your students. This also presents an opportunity to address key design principles and implement them into your module, such as:

  • A clear structure and headings with topic/date based navigation
  • Accessible fonts
  • Module discussion boards
  • Links to Library resources for Franchise Partners

We have created a number of easy to follow guides to help you build your module:

4. Switch off the ability to create Turnitin assignments  

a. In the Module Management menu (bottom left), click Customisation.
Module Management menu

b. Click Tool Availability.
Customisation options

c. Find Turnitin Direct Assignment in the list of tools.

d. Untick the checkbox in the fourth column, which controls content that is available in your content area.
Tick box

e. Click Submit. This will remove the ability to create a Turnitin assignment within your module.
Submit button

As Resource Lists contain resources that franchise students will not be able to access due to licensing restrictions, you will need to remove any links of this nature from your module.

a. In Edit Mode, hover over the Resource List link in the module menu.

Action link button

b. Click the action link button (circular icon with an arrow symbol) that appears to the right of the Resource List link, then click Delete.

Delete option


c. When prompted, click Delete this menu item, then click Delete to confirm.

Delete option 

d. A green banner will appear at the top of the screen, showing that the deletion was successful.


6. Remove access to digitised readings 

As franchise students do not get access to digitised readings, you will need to remove any links of this nature from your module.

a. Digitised readings appear as a file content type.
Digitised reading file icon

b. Hover over the digitised reading file and click the action link button that appears to the right.

c. Click Delete from the list of action link options.
Delete option

d. If prompted, click OK to confirm the deletion.
OK button

e. A green banner will appear at the top of the screen, showing that the deletion was successful.

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Page last updated: 18/05/2017

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