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1. Introduction

This guide is for staff who want to set up an area within a MyBeckett module or course group in which to share content with other instructors.

2. Add a hidden content area

a. Make sure that Edit Mode is on.

b. Click the plus icon at the top left of the module or course group navigation menu.

c. Click Content Area.

Plus icon

d. Type a name for the content area e.g. instructor resources.

Add content area

e. Leave the Available to Users checkbox unticked. 

f. Click Submit.

g. A link to the new content area will appear at the bottom of the navigation menu. The icon to the right of the link should look like a square with a line through it. This means that the link is hidden from students.

Hidden area

3. Add hidden content items

As well as hiding the link to the instructor-only content area from students, it is a good idea to hide individual content items contained within it as well. This gives you an extra layer of security in case an instructor accidentally makes the navigation link visible to students.

To do this, when creating an item or uploading a file, change the Permit Users to View this Content setting to No.

Permission options

You can tell that the content is hidden from students if it says Availability: Item is not available.

Item not available message

4. Student preview

You can use student preview mode to check what your students can access within your module or course group.

More information is available in our student preview guide.

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Page last updated: 30/01/2020

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