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1. Introduction

A learning module is a collection of content and activities with its own built-in navigation that students can work through in sequence. You might consider using one to structure your module content around specific teaching weeks / topics.

The following content types can be added to a Learning Module:
Web Link
Discussion Board
YouTube Mashup
Turnitin Direct Assignment

2. Create a Learning Module shell

a. Navigate to the content area in which you want to create the Learning Module. E.g. Week 1 - Topic 1.
b. Hover your mouse over Build Content. Under Create, click Learning Module.
c. Enter a relevant Name and description for the Learning Module. 
d. Under Learning Module Options, select Yes or No if you want to:
Enforce Sequential Viewing of the Learning Module (if Yes, students must view the content in order. This tends to become annoying if they want to view the Learning Module several times as they have to go through it from the beginning every time.)
• Open in New Window (we recommend setting this to No, so that students are not confused by the navigation.)
e. Under Standard Options, select Yes to Permit Users to View this Content. (Choose No if you're still building it and you want to make it available later.) You can also Track Number of Views.

f. Under Table of Contents, click Yes if you want to Show Table of Contents to Users. Under Hierarchy Display, choose how you want content to be prefixed.
g. Click Submit.
h. When you’ve created it, a Learning Module icon appears.


3. Add content to a Learning Module

a. Click on your Learning Module to enter the shell.
b. Hover your mouse over Build Content and select the type of content you want to add. (In this guide, we'll add a file).
c. Type a Name.

d. Under Find File, click either Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to upload / add a file.
e. Select the file then click Open.
f. You can change the Colour of the text. Don't Open in a New Window.
g. Make sure Permit Users to View this Content is set to Yes if you want the content to be available to your students. If you're creating the entire Learning Module before making it live, it's easier to set all the individual components to Yes, but keep the overall shell set to No. Then you only have one permission to change when you make it live.
h. Set and Date and Time Restrictions, if necessary.
i. Click Submit.

j. Repeat the steps in section 3 of this guide to add additional content to the Learning Module.

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