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Leave feedback on Blackboard assignments

1. Introduction

Before you start adding any marks and feedback to a Blackboard assignment, please check that you have hidden any columns in Grade Centre that will contain marks you are not ready to release to students.

In the Module Management menu at the bottom left of your module, click Grade Centre, then click Full Grade Centre.

2. Add overall feedback

Important:Unlike Turnitin, feedback for Blackboard assignments does not save automatically. Please click Save Draft to ensure that you don't lose any of your comments.

a. Access the assignment submission that needs marking via Grade Centre. See our guide if you need more help.

b. When you have opened a student submission, you can enter marks and feedback in the panel on the right. Click the down arrow to expand the feedback section.

Condensed panel

c. This will display a text box where you can type feedback for the student. Options in this panel may vary depending on your assignment settings, for example if you have attached a rubric, set up delegated marking, or if the assignment is for a sub-group.

Marks and feedback panel

d. When you have finished adding marks and feedback, click Submit. This will add the student's marks to the associated column in Grade Centre.

3. Add feedback annotations

You can add inline comments to a Blackboard assignment submission by clicking on the document.

Important: Please note that New Box View does not currently support freehand drawing on a submission, or the printing of feedback annotations.

To add a comment:

a. Click the speech bubble icon at the top right of the document viewer.

Speech bubble icon

b. Click anywhere on the document to add a comment.

c. Type your comment in the Add a comment here... text box, then click Post. Please note, the comment will not include any line breaks.

Add a comment box

d. A blue speech bubble icon will mark the point in the document where you have added a comment. To view the comment, hover your cursor over this icon. It will display with your name, and the date and time that you left the feedback.

View comment

To delete a comment:

Important: You will only be able to delete comments added using Box View.

a. Hover your cursor over the comment icon that you want to delete.

b. Click the bin icon at the top right of the comment pop up.

Delete icon

c. Click Delete to confirm that you want to remove the feedback comment. Note, it is not possible to undo this action.

Delete button

4. Highlight text in a submission

To highlight text:

a. Click and drag to select the text you want to highlight.

 Click the highlighter icon that appears below your selection.

Highlighter icon

c. The text will be highlighted in yellow.

Note: It is possible to add a comment to the highlighted text by hovering over the highlighted section and clicking the comment icon that appears below it. However, we don't recommend this method as it makes it more difficult for students to find their feedback. This is because you have to hover over the highlighted area before the comment becomes visible.

Add comment

To remove highlighting from text:

a. Select the text that you have highlighted.

b. If a comment pops up when you have selected the text, you will not be able to remove the highlighting without first deleting the comment.

c. Click the highlighter icon that appears below your selection.

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