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Manage HTML content and file permissions

1. Introduction

This guide contains important information for staff uploading HTML files to MyBeckett.

When you upload a file to MyBeckett, it is stored in an area called the Content Collection. It is important that files and folders within the Content Collection have appropriate permission settings, as these settings control who can access your content and what they can do with it.

For most content types, MyBeckett's default permission settings allow students to read (but not edit) the files you upload. However, for some file types including HTML content, you will need to assign permissions manually. This is because HTML files often link to other files, such as CSS files and images. For this reason, we recommend organising your HTML files and linked content using folders.

2. About permission settings

The permission levels available in MyBeckett are:

  • Read: users can view content
  • Write: users can edit content
  • Remove: users can delete content
  • Manage: users can manage permissions and other settings for content

3. Set up HTML permissions

When you add a HTML file from the Content Collection into a content area in MyBeckett, you will be prompted to select permission settings.

It's important that you choose your file permissions carefully, as incorrect permissions may prevent students from viewing your HTML content, or give students access to other content that you don't want them to see.

There are three available settings for HTML content. Please choose the most appropriate option, based on the information in the table below.

Permission options Appropriate if... 
Give users access to all files and folders in the folder

Your HTML file has linked content e.g. CSS files or images AND you have organised your HTML and linked files into a dedicated folder in your Content Collection. Students will get read permissions for all items in the same folder as the HTML file, including the contents of any subfolders.

Important: If you choose this setting, make sure that these folders do not contain files that you would not want students to access.

Give users access to this file only Your HTML file has no linked content e.g. CSS files or images.
Give users access to selected files in folder

Your HTML file has linked content e.g. CSS files and images, that you want to manually select in order to allocate read permissions.

Important: If you choose this setting, avoid selecting folders or subfolders, otherwise students will get read permissions for all items contained within these areas. 

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