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Module & course group availability

1. Introduction

This guide shows staff how to make MyBeckett modules and course groups available or unavailable for students.

A padlock icon at the top right of each module and course group (next to the Edit Mode button) clearly indicates when a module/course group is available to students. By default, your modules and course groups will already be available (the open padlock icon). 

Available modules/course groups display a grey, open padlock icon.

Make unavailable

Unavailable modules/course groups display a red, closed padlock icon.

Make available

When new, empty modules/course groups are created, they are automatically set to available. This means that when students are enrolled and gain access to MyBeckett, they will be able to navigate to and access available modules/course groups. They will also receive notifications about new module/course group content if they choose to install the Blackboard app.

2. Make a module/course group unavailable to students

You can click the grey, open padlock icon at the top right of your module or course group if you need to make an individual module/course group unavailable to students. 

We advise that you use this feature with caution. For example, if you change the availability setting whilst preparing content, please make sure that the module/course group is set to available (the open padlock icon) when you are ready to release content to students. Other staff members will not be able to self-enrol on the module/course group whilst it is unavailable.

Make unavailable

3. Make a module/course group available to students

If you have made a module/course group unavailable to students for any reason, the padlock icon will be red and in a closed position. To make the module/course group available to students, click the red padlock icon so it changes to a grey padlock, in the open position.

Make available

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