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MyBeckett troubleshooting

1. Introduction

This guide contains advice for staff experiencing issues using MyBeckett. The Digital Learning Service update this page based on current known issues, including suggested workarounds.

2. Known issues and suggested workarounds

Plus Icon Releasing marks to students

If you are looking for information about managing student marks and feedback in MyBeckett, there is relevant information in the following guides:

Please be aware that Grade Centre contains a Total column, which adds up marks for any other columns set to Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations (even if the other columns are hidden from students). 

By default, the information in the Total column is hidden from students via Provisional Grades.

Plus Icon My Beckett - content issues

If you are having trouble adding content to My Beckett, for example:  A file is not opening, uploading or showing error messages etc. use a different internet browser, (known issues with Internet Explorer), we recommend using Google Chrome.

Communication tools: Sending Announcements / Emails will not show the module link within the email. A workaround to enable the students to easily click a hyperlink to be taken to the module content area from the email of the announcement, you will need to place the hyperlink in the message. To do this right click on the menu item, copy the link, and manually hyperlink some text in the announcement.

Plus Icon Adding Videos in MyBeckett

The general advice has been that it is best to add a link to an existing video in, for example, a content area in MyBeckett as this will obviously not take up space within the MyBeckett module. 

You can add a link to a video directly to your content page by choosing
Build Content, Mashups and choose the relevant link, a YouTube link is available here as well).

Another reason to favour the above method is that MyBeckett isn't happy with importing many video formats, in particular Quick Time (*.mov) AVI (*.avi) and also Windows Media WMV (*.wmv) movies.  They can be downloaded from MyBeckett page but won't play within the page.  


The exception to this is MP4 (*.mp4) files that do play within the page and can be downloaded as well.

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Page last updated: 09/04/2020

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