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Negative marking in online tests

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff looking to set up negative marking functionality in online tests.

2. Set up negative marking

a. Using the Create an Online Test Guide, start creating your test.
b. Click Question Settings (top right of screen).
Question settings button
c. In the Scoring section, tick the following to enable negative marking:
Specify partial-credit options for answers.
Specify negative points options for answers.
Tick boxes for scoring
d. Click submit and continue adding content to your test using the guide. For question types that may use negative marking, such as Multiple Answer questions, select the following:
Allow partial credit.
Allow negative scores for incorrect answers.
Tick boxes for other options
If required, you can also select Allow negative overall score for the question, meanings students may score below 0.
e. In the Partial Credit box, enter the negative mark as a percentage (up to 100% of the total mark). Correct answers need to be a positive percentage, adding up to 100%.
Partial credit box
f. Click submit and continue adding content to the test.

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