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Non-credit modules

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff members requesting a non-credit module (NCM) in MyBeckett.

What is a non-credit module?
Non-credit modules are MyBeckett modules that do not exist in Banner (the University's student record system) and do not carry any academic credit.  Students and staff will need to be manually enrolled, this can be done individually (or in bulk via our team). Once your request has been processed a confirmation email will be sent out to the requesting staff member.

Do I need a non-credit module?
Before you request a non-credit module, consider whether you could achieve your objectives using Course Groups. Course Groups are ideal for managing extracurricular content, as they allow you to do everything you can do in a module, with the flexibility of reaching an entire course or specific levels of a course. 

Unlike non-credit modules, Course Group creation and enrolment is automatic, based on data from Banner. This means that you can always be sure that students will have access to the group. Plus, students can easily find their School and Course Groups list on the first page they see when they enter MyBeckett.

Why request a non-credit module?
If a course group is not suitable for your needs, you can use a non-credit module to take advantage of the functionality of MyBeckett for extracurricular modules and skills teaching. If you want a central place in which to share information with other staff members in your school (but not with students) you could use a non-credit module for this purpose. 

2. Request a non-credit module (NCM) 

To request a non-credit module, complete the online form within MyBeckett. Please note that NCM requests require approval from your Line Manager.

a. In MyBeckett, click the Modules tab. 

b. Locate the Non-Credit Module Request section, then click Log Request.

NCM request form

c. The Non-Credit Module (NCM) Request Form opens.

  • Email: Enter your email address.
  • Name: Enter your name.
  • Would a course group meet your non-credit content requirements? Select Yes or No.
  • Module name: Type the module name (this will appear in MyBeckett).
  • Which School is the module for: Use the drop-down list to select a School.
  • How many deliveries will there be per year: Enter your requirements.
  • What is the purpose of this module: Please outline what you will use the NCM for.
  • Who will be the primary user accessing the content of this module: Select Students or Staff.
  • When is the module required for teaching: Please give the first date you wish for people to access the content.
  • Will you be using an online reading list on this module: Will you be using the integrated reading list functionality within MyBeckett?
  • When will the module be completed: Please give the end date for the module.
  • Do you require: Select the relevant option.
  • Will you be the module leader: Select Yes or No.
  • If you will not be the module leader, please state who will be: Enter module leader's name.
  • Verification: Enter the name of the individual who authorised your non-credit module, this should be your line manager.

g. Click Submit to send your request for approval. 

h. You will receive an email from the Digital Learning Service when your non-credit module is active in MyBeckett.

3. Further Resources

Enrolling info for staff:

Enrolling students onto a Non-Credit Module: please contact Digital Learning Service or reply to the confirmation email sent once your request is completed.

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