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Add Panopto Replay to your module for lecture recordings and videos

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff who want to add Panopto Replay to a MyBeckett module to share lecture recordings and other video content with students.

2. What is Panopto Replay?

Replay is the University’s lecture capture service. It uses Panopto software to allow you to capture your voice, the PC screen and any PowerPoint slides that you choose to present. It packages these audio and visual elements together as a video that you can view, edit and share online. You can also upload other video files to Panopto Replay in order to share these with your students.

There should already be a link called All Lecture Recordings in your module menu. This is a link to your module's Panopto Replay content area.

If the link is missing, click the plus icon at the top left of the module menu, then select Tool Link from the options.

Add a Tool Link to a module menu

Type a name e.g. All Lecture Recordings and select Panopto Course Tool Application from the drop-down menu. Click Submit.

The first time that you access Panopto Replay within your module, you may need to configure the tool so that it connects to the correct videos. Only one instructor needs to do this.

a. Click the All Lecture Recordings link in your module menu. 

b. If your module is not already provisioned with Panopto Replay, click Configure.

Configure button

c. Click Add Course to Panopto.

Add course to Panopto button

d. Click OK.

e. You will see a list of folders available to you. Click the name of the folder containing your recording, then click Add.

Add button

f. Click Submit.

4. How do I schedule a lecture recording?

You can set up scheduled recordings to happen automatically. 

Alternatively, you can manually record a lecture using the classroom based Panopto Recorder. This allows you to start, pause and stop as per your preference. There is more information about this on the Leeds Beckett Teaching Spaces page.

If you need any help using Panopto Replay, please contact IT Services call  0113 812 2222 email: 

5. How do I upload other videos to Panopto?

a. Click the All Lecture Recordings link in your module menu.

b. Click Create.

Create button

c. Click Upload Media.

Upload media

d. Drag the video file you want to upload onto the dashed area (or click to browse your computer).

Select media

e. A progress bar will indicate when the upload is complete.

Upload complete

Your students will be able to watch the videos / recordings by clicking the All Lecture Recordings link. However, if you wish, you can also link to Panopto Replay content within another content area in your module so that they can find the video there as well.

a. Click the name of the content area where you want to add a lecture recording, e.g. Week 1 Topic 1.

Module menu

b. Click Tools in the content area, then click Panopto Video Link

Tools tab to create a Panopto Video Link

c. Select your lecture recording:

  • Folder: Select the folder containing your recording.
  • Lecture: Select the lecture recording you want to add.
  • Title: This is the link that will be available to students, you may want to include the topic and date of the lecture.

d. Click Submit, then click OK

e. The lecture recording will now be linked from your module content area. Your students will be able to click on the link to watch the video in a new browser tab.

Example link

7. How do I embed Panopto Replay content in another content area in my module?

Embedding Panopto Replay content allows students to view it within another content area in your module.

a. Within Panopto, click on the Share button on the recording you want to embed. 

Share button

b. Then select the Embed option and then click the 'copy embed code' button.


Copy code

c. Open the module content area where you would like to embed the video e.g. Week 1 Topic 1.

Module menu

d. Click Build Content, then click Item.

Build Content

e. Type a name for your content item and then click the source icon <>.

HTML Icon button

f. Paste the embed code that you copied. This will be unique to each video.

Example embed code

g. Click Save, then Submit.

h. Students will be able to play the embedded video within their browser.

Example embedded video

If you need to change the Panopto Replay folder that is connected to your module, you can click the Re-Configure button at the bottom of the All Lecture Recordings page.


You can then add or remove from the list of available folders.

9. Further Resources

IT Services have created a series of Panopto video guides for staff, you can view all the training Video guides or choose by topic below.
covering topics such as:

You may be prompted to sign in to Panopto in order to watch these videos, if you are not already signed in to MyBeckett in another browser tab.

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