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Plan next year's module

1. Introduction

This is a collection of resources that the Centre for Learning and Teaching and the Digital Learning Service have curated to help you roll over, update and enhance your modules as efficiently as possible for the next academic year.

2. How do I reuse MyBeckett content?

  • Copy a module over: You can copy as much content as you like from one module to another, as long as you are the instructor.
  • Request a crosslisted module: Crosslisting allows you to merge modules or course groups, which is useful if you are teaching multiple deliveries of the exactly the same content across different cohorts.
  • Request a non-credit module (NCM): If a Course Group is not suitable for your needs, you can request a non-credit module to take advantage of the functionality of MyBeckett for extracurricular modules and skills teaching.

3. How do I organise and update MyBeckett content?

  • Use the module navigation menu: The navigation menu is on the left of the MyBeckett interface. This is the menu that students will use to access content. You can edit the default menu by adding, renaming, deleting or hiding items.
  • Organise content in a module: As well as editing the navigation menu, you can reorder items within content areas.
  • Edit and modify content: You can also edit settings for individual content items, such as the name and availability.
  • Create a Turnitin assignment: A useful guide containing recommended settings for Turnitin assignments. Always check the dates for your Turnitin assignments.

4. How do I add instructors and contact details?

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