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1. Introduction

The retention centre is an instructor only tool that enables you to create "risk rules" that monitor activity, grades and deadlines in a module.

2. Open the retention centre

a. Enter a module and in the Control Panel at the bottom left, click Student Engagement. Then click Retention Centre.

b. You’ll see a table of Students currently at risk, as well as Your module activity and that of any Students you are monitoring.

3. Customise retention centre rules

a. You can define four types of rule to customise what you see in retention centre:

  1. Module Activity Rule: See a student’s activity in the module compared to the module average.
  2. Grade Rule: See if students are above or below a defined grade value.
  3. Module Access Rule: See if students have accessed the module since a certain date. Important: The Module Access rule isn't working at the moment. Please use the Performance Dashboard to see when students last accessed the module.
  4. Missed Deadline Rule: See which students haven't completed assignments by a defined date.

b. The rules are all active by default, with default criteria. You can change the criteria.

c. Click the Customise button at the top right. 

d. You'll see the customisation area. You can Create, Edit and Delete rules.

4. Create a new rule

a. Click the Customise button at the top right of the retention centre.

b. Hover your mouse over the Create Rule button, then click a rule type.


c. You're presented with options to create a rule. Type a Rule Name and ensure Included in Risk Table is set to Yes.

d. Specify Rule Criteria. Options vary depending on which rule you chose to create.


e. Click Submit.

5. Edit a rule

a. Click the Customise button at the top right of the retention centre.

b. Click the action link (circle with down arrow) to the right of the rule you want to change, then click Edit.

c. You can edit the Rule Name, whether it's Included in Risk Table, and the Rule Criteria.

d. Click Submit.

6. Delete a rule

a. Click the Customise button at the top right of the retention centre.
b. Tick the box to the left of the rule you want to delete, then click the Delete button.
c. The rule is removed from retention centre.

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