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Review Status: Student Tracker Tool

1. Introduction

You can use the Review Status tool to track whether students have reviewed a content item in MyBeckett. This guides explains how to enable the Review Status tool, and how to use it.

2. Enable the Review Status tool

a. Locate the MyBeckett content item for which you want to enable the Review Status tool.

b. Make sure you are using Edit mode.

Edit Mode button needs to be on

c. Hover your cursor over the item, then click the action link icon that appears to the right.

Action link icon-down arrow

d. Click Set Review Status.

Review Status option -disable or enable

e. Select Enable.

Enable option

f. Click Submit.

3. What happens next?

When you have enabled Review Status for a content item, a Mark Reviewed option will appear below the content item. 

Mark reviewed button

This allows students to tick that they have reviewed a content item. It is a good idea to inform students that you would like them to use this, otherwise some may not.

Reviewed tick box

4. Check the status of a content item

a. Click the action link icon to the right of the content item.

b. Click User Progress from the drop-down list.

User progress option

c. A list of students enrolled on the module will open. You can check the Reviewed column to see which students have marked the content item as reviewed.

Reviewed column

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