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Scanning print materials for MyBeckett

What is possible?

The University holds a licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which enables staff to request digitised or scanned readings from books or journals, and make them accessible to students through their MyBeckett modules or online reading lists.

All digital copies must be recorded and reported to the CLA.

The Digitisation Service based within Library Services facilitates the scanning/digitising of module readings under licence.

Students with suggestions for digitised chapters or articles for their module reading should contact their lecturers, who can forward requests to the Digitisation Service.

Please note the making of digitised copies is not intended to substitute for the purchase of an original published edition (either print or electronic) or the commissioning of an original artistic work. For further guidance, please consult the CLA’s Good Practice Guide.

What information is required?

To use the Digitisation Service, please email your request to

It is essential that you provide the following information:

  • Module title
  • Module ID code (e.g. TCHT111)
  • Bibliographic details of all readings (Author/Title/Year/Publisher) including page range

Please indicate if a reading is to be used on more than one module.

It is also possible to request a digitised reading whilst creating or editing an online reading list via the University’s Online Reading List management system.
Please read the following information carefully before utilising this option.

What material is covered?

The CLA licence permits digitising/scanning from print books, journals and reports owned by the University. This includes Library stock and items purchased by departments of the University.

It does not include lecturers’ own personal copies, Interlibrary Loans, or inspection copies supplied by a publisher.

The items must be published in the UK, USA or those countries who have an agreement with the CLA.

If the item is published by certain publishers in the USA, it will be necessary to check whether there is already a suitable digital version commercially available (e.g. eBook) and purchase or subscribe to this version instead of scanning from the print work.

Many electronic journals, eBooks and websites are also covered by this licence.

However, some publishers and works are excluded from the licence.

The Digitisation Service will be able to check on your behalf which items can be copied.

How much can be digitised?

The proportion of each individual work which can be copied per module consists of:

  • one chapter of a book
  • one article of a journal issue
  • one paper of a set of conference proceedings
  • one report of a single case from a report of judicial proceedings
  • one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages in an anthology of short stories or poems
  • or 10% of the whole work, whichever is greater

Full or part page images may also be digitised. Images can be disembedded from the text.

If more than one chapter or article is required from the same book/journal which exceed 10% of the whole work, the additional chapters/articles will not be covered by the licence and permission will be required.

The Library’s Copyright Clearance Service can seek permission on your behalf but this process can take additional time and may involve a copyright fee.

The licence should not be used as a substitute for student purchase of textbooks. Publishers are unlikely to grant permission to scan several chapters from a core textbook.

What happens after a request is submitted?

The Digitisation Service will check the readings to ensure the items can be digitised or downloaded under licence.

The length of time from submitting a request to accessing the digitised files will be partly dependent on the number of readings required and whether the items are readily available.

If a Library item is out on loan, this will delay the scanning process.

If the Library does not stock an item, it may be possible to order a copyright fee paid copy of the required extract from the British Library. The Digitisation Service will advise. Depending on availability, the supply of such copies can take hours, or up to 2-3 days.

Once an item has been digitised, a link to the resulting PDF file will be sent to the module lecturer. This link rather than the actual file should then be added to the appropriate MyBeckett module.

The Digitisation Service will also add the link to the module’s online reading list, which can be accessed from within MyBeckett.

Clicking on the link will open the PDF file in a browser based eReader. The Kortext eReader is screen-ready for tablet and mobile access and has features such as zoom text, 'Copy to Text', 'Search Document' and 'Search the Web'. Cookies must be allowed in order to use the eReader. Advanced accessibility features are available with a Kortext account, sign up for free or login with an existing account. Further information can be found in this Library FAQ.  It is also possible to print out the PDF file or download it to Adobe. 

A Copyright Notice is attached to each PDF file. This notice should not be removed.

Only students enrolled on the requesting module and its lecturers should download or print out the files.

Other modules should not be provided with access to the readings without first informing the Digitisation Service.

Usage statistics can be supplied on request.

How can digitised readings be added to an online reading list?

Digitisation requests for reading lists can be submitted direct to the Digitisation Service at:

Digitised readings will be automatically added to the module’s online reading list which can be accessed from MyBeckett.

The item will have the option to VIEW ONLINE as a digital copy.

It is also possible for lecturers to request the digitisation of a chapter or article as they create or edit an online reading list.
To request digitisation, add the item to the list and use the Note for Library feature to request that the extract is digitised. The Library note will be picked up by the Digitisation Service when the list is submitted for review.

The request will be processed as before and the digitised chapter/article link will be added to the item on the online reading list.

More help with creating online reading lists can be found on our staff help pages.

Contact the Digitisation Service

0113 812 7472
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