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Self enrol on a Course Group

1. Find a group's programme code

To use the self enrol tool, you need to find a group's programme code. If you don't know it, please speak to a course / student administrator.

It appears after the group name. You need only the code, no spaces or other text. E.g. BAH Physical Education's Programme Code is BAHPE.

2. Self enrol

a. Log in to MyBeckett.
b. Click the Tools tab and find the Add yourself to a Course Group and Course Group Self-Enrol channel.
c. Type the programme code (up to five characters) e.g. ‘ABCDE’ into the box and click Search. You don't need to type anything else.
d. Select the group (with correct year / level) from the search results.
e. Select your Role.
Role list
f. Click Submit.
g. Click the Tools tab. The group appears in the My Groups list, now under Staff Home tab for staff and the Course tab for students.

Group list

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Page last updated: 06/11/2017

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