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Self-enrol on a module

1. Introduction

This guide provides instructions for staff using the module self-enrol tool in MyBeckett. A guide to self-enrolling on course groups is also available.

Staff can be enrolled on modules via one of three methods:

  • Method 1: Enrolled by a course administrator in Banner
    Have you ever wondered why you're not automatically enrolled on your modules every year? MyBeckett takes enrolment data from Banner, which holds a complete list of credit modules / enrolments. If you're not enrolled on a module in Banner, Banner can't tell MyBeckett to enrol you. Academic staff can be enrolled on modules in Banner by course admins and any changes made in Banner will take up to 2 hours to be reflected in MyBeckett.
  • Method 2: Use the self-enrol tool in MyBeckett
    If you haven't been enrolled in Banner by a course administrator and you just can't wait to get started, you can use the self-enrol tool on the Modules tab in MyBeckett. This is a quick and easy way to get access to modules that you can use whenever you want. Please note, you can only self-enrol on modules set to available.
  • Method 3: Enrolled by another instructor who is already on the module
    You may find that one of your colleagues has enrolled you on some modules. If you would like to add a colleague to a module you're already enrolled on, please see our guide to enrolling users.

2. Before you start - find the module CRN

To use the module self-enrol tool, you need to find the CRN (Course Registration Number). If you don't know the CRN, please speak to a course/student administrator.

It appears after the module name in your modules list. You need only the number (no spaces or other text).

Course Code – Module Name – CRN – Year

AIH430006 – Research Methods – 12345 – 201920

Students are enrolled on modules automatically via a feed from Banner. If you think your students haven't been enrolled, please contact us.

3. Self-enrol on a module

a. Log in to MyBeckett and click the Modules tab.

Important: You can only enrol yourself using this method. If you need to enrol colleagues, please view our guide to enrolling instructors on modules.

b. Find the Module Self-Enrol channel, type the CRN of the module (e.g. 12345) into the search box, then click Search. You don't need to type the year or anything else.

Module self-enrol

c. From the list of results, select the module (with correct year) you'd like to enrol on, select your institutional role, then click Submit.


d. A confirmation tells you that you're enrolled on the module. A confirmation email is sent to you and the Learning Systems Team.


e. Click the Modules tab. The module now appears in the My Modules list.

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