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Show / Hide Grades in Grade Centre columns

1. Show or Hide grade marks

One of the key features of Grade Centre, is that you use it to determine whether or not assignment columns are shown to allow students to see their marks in Provisional Grades (which also needs to be made available). 

Firstly, go to Grade Centre and Full Grade Centre in your module management area.

How do I hide columns from students?

For most Grade Centre columns, you can click the action link at the top of the column and click 'Hide from students'. The action link is a circle with an arrow pointing down. To show grades it is the same action.

Please Note:  the visibility of assignment columns is tied to the assignment settings. If you make any changes to a Blackboard or Turnitin assignment, make sure to also check Grade Centre. 

How can I tell if a column is hidden from students?

When a column is hidden from students, a black circle with red line icon will display at the top of the column next to the title of the assessment. This means that the data is not currently visible to students via any channels.

2. Show / hide columns to / from students

You need to hide Grade Centre columns until you're ready to release marks / feedback.
a. Click the action link (down arrow) next to the title of the column you want to hide from students.
b. Click Hide from Students (on/off)
c. Columns hidden from students display a black circle / red line next to the column title.


3. Hide the Total column from students

Grade Centre contains a Total column which adds up marks for any other columns set to Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations.

Based on feedback, Grade Centre’s Total column is now hidden from students by default in most modules. However, we recommend that you always check Grade Centre settings due to the manual nature of this process.

a. In Grade Centre, click the action link to the right of the Total column.

b. Click Edit Column Information.

c. Scroll down to the Options section, then change the Show this Column to Students setting to No.

d. Click Submit.

4. Hide columns from Instructors

You can hide columns from instructors (including yourself). You might do this if there are assignment columns you’re no longer using and you want to tidy up Grade Centre.
Important: This doesn't hide columns from students, unless you've already followed the instructions in section 2.
a. Click the action link (down arrow) next to the title of the column you want to hide from instructors.
b. Click Hide from Instructor View.
c. The column is now hidden from your view.

5. Show columns to Instructors

a. To show a hidden column, click on Manage and choose Column Organisation from the list.

b. Columns hidden from instructors are greyed out.

c. Under the Not in a Grading Period section, tick the box/es next to the column/s you want to show.

d. Hover mouse over the Show/Hide button and click Show Selected Columns.

e. The columns are once again visible in Grade Centre.

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