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Student Administrator guide to MyBeckett

1. Introduction

This guide contains useful information and advice to help Student Administrators use MyBeckett, including tips from current course teams.

If you are just getting started with MyBeckett, you may like to begin with our online training module: MyBeckett: Basics, Navigation and Content Creation. Other Digital Learning Service guides are available on the Teaching and Learning Resources site. 

2. What is MyBeckett and how do I use it?

MyBeckett is the University's Portal and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It gives staff and students access to a range of useful services, as well as online teaching materials and other module content. 

  • To access MyBeckett, open a web browser (we recommend Google Chrome) and go to Click Login and enter your University username and password.
  • You can self enrol on a module or group, and add other instructors if necessary.
  • MyBeckett's announcement and email tools are particularly useful for Student Administrators, as you can use these to communicate with large groups of students enrolled on Modules and Course Groups.
  • You may also benefit from our guide to downloading marks in bulk. This allows you to export student marks from MyBeckett's Grade Centre into an Excel spreadsheet.

3. Quick tips 

  • Student are automatically enrolled on credit modules based on data feeds from Banner.
  • Any changes you make to student records in Banner can take up to 48 hours before allowing students access to MyBeckett and Library resources.
  • As 1 August marks the start of the new academic year, students will not be able to enrol and gain access to University systems before this point.
  • To access MyBeckett, a student must have an active registration status in Banner, a future end date in Banner, and it must be after 1 August during the academic year of the student's course start date.
  • Remember to update end dates in Banner, so that students don't lose access to University systems too early. Note, in Banner, a student's end date is the date they are due to complete their course.
  • If a student is having problems submitting an assignment via Turnitin, you can check our FAQ for advice.

4. What are the differences between the staff and student experience of MyBeckett?

When you log into MyBeckett, you will see the tabs available in the standard staff layout, these will include: Staff Home, Modules, Timetables, Library, ITSupportOpportunities, SU, FilesTools and Training.

The student experience of MyBeckett is a slightly different to that of staff. The standard student layout currently includes tabs for Courses, Modules, Timetables, Library, ITSupport, Opportunities, SU, Files and My Account. Please note that some user types will see different tabs, such as Franchise students, and Degree Apprenticeship students. More information about this is available in our guide to portal views.

5. What happens after a student enrols at the University?

  • Most students enrol using the University's Online Welcome system.
  • After enrolment, student user IDs feed from Banner into IT Services’ user creation systems. Each student will then get a University email address as well as an account for MyBeckett and other systems like i-Print.
  • This process occurs at different dates during a course's enrolment window, but will not happen before 1 August as this is the start of the academic year.

6. What happens after a student completes a course?

Students have a 3 month grace period to access some University systems after course completion. After this, the student will lose system access to MyBeckett.

7. Preparing for the new academic year / January starters

  • Our guide to planning next year's MyBeckett module contains a collection of resources to help academic colleagues roll over, update and enhance modules as efficiently as possible for the next academic year.
  • Important: If copying module content from a previous academic year, we advise that you set up new Turnitin assignments instead of reusing old ones. This is because copied Turnitin inboxes retain the same start, due, and post dates, which will prevent students from making submissions unless you adjust the dates for the new year's assignments. Our guide to recycling Turnitin assignments provides more information about this.
  • Look out for our range of MyBeckett training, available to book via Eventbrite. We also advertise our sessions to staff via email.

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