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1. Introduction

With student preview, instructors can view their course exactly as a student does by using a temporary student account the system generates for them.

2. How do I switch on Student Preview?

The enter student preview icon appears in the top-right corner of your module, next to the change theme icon.

Student Preview icon

3. What can I see with Student Preview?

You can experience your course exactly as your students do. While in student preview mode, you can do the following:

  • Submit assignments

  • Take tests

  • Create blog and discussion posts

  • Create journal and wiki entries

  • View student tools, such as Provisional Grades

4. How do I know if I'm in Student Preview mode?

You’ll see a yellow bar at the top of the screen, like this one:

5. Student Preview Vs Edit Mode

Student Preview is different from using Edit Mode. When Edit Mode is ON, you see all the course content and the editing controls for each item.

Edit Mode OFF, hides the editing controls but still displays any content that would normally be hidden from a student.

Also, Edit Mode doesn’t enable you to see student-only content, such as Provisional Grades.

6. Exit and delete your preview user account

Click Exit Preview to exit the student preview.

If you leave the course without exiting student preview, you’ll return to student preview when you return to the course.

When you exit the student preview, you are prompted to keep or delete the preview user and all its associated data.

Delete the preview user and all data (Recommended)

It is considered best practice to remove the preview user and its associated data.

Always accept the default ‘Delete the preview user and all data (Recommended)

If you want, select ‘remember this choice and do not ask again’. The module will automatically complete your choice each time you exit student preview. Deleting has the following effects:

All activity conducted or created as the preview user is removed from the module permanently. This includes any interaction an enrolled student has with the preview user, such as replies to a preview user’s discussion posts.

'Preview user not enrolled from module' (use with caution)

If user is not enrolled in another course, preview user account is deleted.

You can remove the preview user account from a course using the traditional enrolment tools. If this is done, some of the activity conducted or created as the preview student remains in the course but is made anonymous. For example, discussion posts are retained but made anonymous.

Keep the preview user and data (Not Recommended). Select ‘keep the preview user and all data’ if you need to see how student activity presents itself to you as the instructor, e.g. grade calculations. If you keep the data, the preview user account will appear in the module user list, Grade Centre, and any place where you did something as that user.

When you save the preview user account, the dot in the middle of the 'Enter Student Preview function icon turns green , indicating the preview user account is available for use.

Warning: If you keep your preview user account and run reports from your course, your numbers will be skewed by one (or more if there are multiple instructors using student preview). Also, it can potentially confuse your students who may try to interact with your preview student when you are not in student preview mode to monitor the interaction.

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