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1. Introduction

This guide provides information for staff managing video submissions via YouTube in MyBeckett.

If you are looking for information about video assignment options without using YouTube, our Qwickly guide provides another option.

With the YouTube method, we advise that students should first upload video submissions to their student YouTube account, then submit the URL to MyBeckett, rather than uploading the video directly to MyBeckett.

Why should I get my students to use YouTube?

It’s easier for you to manage and vastly reduces the chance of a failed submission attempt. For example:

  • Uploading large video files directly to MyBeckett often results in long waiting times for students depending on their internet connection. There’s no upload progress bar so they've no idea how long remains.
  • If a student’s connection becomes unavailable during a long upload, it may result in a corrupted submission due to an incomplete transfer, or the file not being uploaded at all.
  • You must download all videos from Grade Centre in order to view them using a media player on your staff / home PC. This takes a significant amount of time if students have uploaded large videos, and you need to have space to store them on your computer.
  • Even if you manage to download all of the assignments, some students may have uploaded them in a format you’re unable to watch. YouTube avoids this problem as it automatically processes most video types so that you can watch them easily.
  • You can still mark and provide feedback online using MyBeckett's online feedback tools.

2. What do I need to do?

a. Create a Blackboard assignment in your module.
b. Give your students instructions. We’ve created guides for them (below). Please place links to our guides next to the assignment in your module.

3. Students upload their video to YouTube

Students can follow our guide to record and upload their video to record and upload their video to their student YouTube account.

4. Students submit video URL to an assignment

Once they've uploaded their video to YouTube, they can follow our guide to submit the YouTube URL to an assignment.

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