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What's new and what's changed in MyBeckett?

1. Introduction

This guide provides an overview of recent changes to MyBeckett.

2. MyBeckett upgrade (August 2019)

This year's Summer upgrade took place between 17:00 BST Friday 02 August 2019 and 14:45 BST Tuesday 06 August 2019. During this period we completed essential maintenance work for the MyBeckett portal and VLE. We have also moved to a SaaS deployment option of Blackboard, so future updates and enhancements will be applied more frequently, with zero downtime.

New MyBeckett theme

You may notice some changes to the look and feel of MyBeckett. Where possible, we have applied a three column layout to portal tabs so that it is easier to view content without scrolling.

2019/2020 theme

Return of the global navigation menu

Our new MyBeckett theme has enabled us to reinstate options on the global navigation menu at the top right of MyBeckett, including My Marks

2019 global navigation menu

Module menu customisation

The option for customising the module and course group navigation menu style to display as buttons is no longer available. Blackboard have confirmed that this is an expected behaviour with the mobile responsive theme that we are using to provide an improved experience for mobile users. As a result, the buttons feature is overriden by the theme settings.

You can however change the colour of the text and background of the module menu, so some customisation is still available.

Buttons no longer available:

Buttons, no longer available 

However you can change the menu colour:

No buttons


Within modules and course groups, the announcements tool now has options at the top right which enables students to toggle between Institution and Module announcements. This provides a convenient way for students to keep up to date with news from the University. 

2019 annoucement toggle

Cloud storage file upload

In addition to the drag and drop file upload functionality that was added in 2018, there is a new Browse Cloud Storage button that enables you to sign in and upload files from your accounts. Please note that your University OneDrive account can be accessed via the OneDrive for Business option.

2019 cloud storage

3. Previous upgrades

Here is a list of some of the new or updated functionality released in previous MyBeckett upgrades.

Module availability icon

A new padlock icon at the top right of each module (next to the Edit Mode button) clearly indicates when a module is available to students. By default, your modules will already be available (the open padlock icon). 

We advise that you use this feature with caution. For example, if you change the availability setting whilst preparing module content, please make sure that the module is set to available (the open padlock icon) when you are ready to release content to students. More information is available in our module availability guide.

Module availability icon

Module home button

The module home button (house icon) has now gone from the navigation menu. Instead, you can click the module title (top left) to return to the module home page.

Old view:
Module home icon

New view:
Module title

Improvements to Grade Centre

Based on feedback, Grade Centre’s Total and Weighted Total columns are now hidden from students by default in most modules. We recommend that you always check Grade Centre settings due to the manual nature of this process. 

Columns with a red line icon mean that the marks/feedback are hidden from students. You can use the action link at the top of each column to change settings, as described in our guide to showing/hiding Grade Centre columns.

Hidden columns

Eesysoft module reports

Eesysoft is a data gathering and reporting system in MyBeckett. As of the Summer upgrade, this will be accessible to instructors by default via the Module Management menu. More information is available in our guide to getting started with Eesysoft.


Improved Turnitin rubric set up and student experience

When creating a Turnitin assignment, you can now create and attach a rubric within the assignment settings. Please note, there may be a short (2 second) delay before you can select a new rubric from the drop-down list. More information is available in our guide to creating Turnitin assignments.

Rubric button

If you have attached a rubric to an assignment, students will be able to access this via the Submissions Inbox.

Student rubric

Clearer interface for editing Turnitin assignment dates

Where previously you had to click a pencil icon to edit Turnitin assignment dates, there is now a much clearer Edit Parts button at the top right of the Submissions Inbox. More information is available in our guide to editing Turnitin assignments.

Turnitin Edit Parts button

Improved Module/Course Group Manager & Communicator tool

In addition to sending announcements and emails to multiple modules/course groups, you can now use the Module/Course Group Manager & Communicator tool on the MyBeckett Tools tab to change availability, create a content item or web link in multiple modules/course groups.

More information is available in our module availability guideupload a file guide, and create a web link guide.

Post Content

Chemistry notation support

The Content Editor maths tool now contains an embedded periodic table. You can access this via the fx button when entering text in a content item, for example.

FX button

Periodic table

Drag and drop file uploads

Since January 2018, a dotted line now indicates areas of MyBeckett where new drag and drop file upload functionality is available. This is a faster way of attaching files than browsing your computer for them one at a time. Note, if you are dragging and dropping multiple files, please ensure each file has a different name.

Drag and drop example

New Box View (Blackboard assignment viewer)

In January 2018, New Box View replaced Crocodoc as the online document viewer / marking and feedback interface for Blackboard assignments. Turnitin assignments were not affected by this change. You can find out more in our guide to New Box View.

New Box View example

4. Changes to portal tabs

Library and IT tabs

In 2018, we redesigned the Library tab and the IT tab to include content such as video of the week (Library tab) and a new three column layout that makes it easier to find content without scrolling.

Staff Home tab

In 2017 we created the Staff Home tab, which pulls together useful information based on your institutional role. This tab is only available to staff.

Support tab

The Support tab provides links to help and advice from services across the University, helping students find support when they need it. It is part of the Online Student Support Framework and replaces the Help tab.

Opportunities tab

The Opportunities tab provides access to resources that support students with career planning and decision making, as well as graduate, part time and casual job vacancies and volunteering opportunities through MyHub. It is part of the Online Student Support Framework and replaces the Employability tab.

IT tab

Previously known as the IT Support tab, the IT tab provides access to your University email account and useful information such as printing, PC availability, software and password management.

5. What about other digital learning systems?

In August 2017, the text matching, marking and feedback interface for Turnitin assignments changed to Turnitin Feedback Studio. PebblePad also updated to version 5 for all users, and a new Blackboard Instructor app replaced Bb Grader for iPhone and Android devices. 

You can find out more in our guides:

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Page last updated: 07/08/2019

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