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Open Education

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About Open Education

This page previously contained guidance for staff using Open Education, a MOOC platform that is being discontinued on 30 June 2021.

  • What is Open Education? Open Education is a MOOC platform. Although powered by Blackboard, it is separate to MyBeckett.
  • Why is Open Education being discontinued? From Blackboard, "As a part of our commitment to delivering a portfolio of high-quality products to help our clients thrive in a complex and changing educational environment, our team has completed a full assessment of what would be required to continue developing and supporting Blackboard Open Education. We have determined that our teams and resources could better serve our clients by focusing in other areas or our portfolio, therefore, we have decided to discontinue support of Blackboard Open Education."
  • When will Open Education no longer be available? 30 June 2021.
  • Will MyBeckett be affected? No, the two systems are entirely separate.
  • Can I download my content from Open Education? Yes, the Digital Learning Service are in the process of contacting staff members who currently use Open Education to provide guidance about downloading content. 
  • I have questions about the discontinuation of Open Education, who can I contact? Staff members who have been using Open Education can contact us in the Digital Learning Service, via the details on our About Us page.
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