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Create a MyBeckett module link to PebblePad

1. Introduction

You can create a link that takes students directly from your module to their PebblePad account without prompting them to log in again.  

a. Log in to MyBeckett, click the Modules tab, then click the module you want to link from.

b. In the navigation menu, click a content area e.g. Week 1 - Topic 1 or Assignments. 


c. Hover your mouse over Tools, then click Basic LTI Tool.

d. Click the drop-down menu next to Name of existing tool, select Pebble+, then click Submit.

e. A box appears showing the action was successful. Underneath it, ignore the Tool Information, Personal Data and Custom Parameters sections, and scroll down to Services.

f. As you can see above, if you're marking in PebblePad, tick Create a grade column in advance of first use, Select Yes to Include this column in grade calculations and Yes to Show this column to students.

g. Under Options, Select Yes for Permit users to view this content if you want students to be able to see the link, and Yes for Track number of views.

h. Click Submit.

In the content area in which you created the link, click the Pebble+ icon. Your PebblePad Asset Store opens in another window.

Pebble+ link

If you see a pop-up alert rather than your PebblePad account, click the alert message in the browser, then select Always allow pop-ups from

c. Click Done, then click the Pebble+ link again. Your PebblePad account opens.

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