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Release feedback to students

1. Introduction

This guide provides information for staff releasing assignment feedback in PebblePad.

You need to be a Lead Tutor on the workspace to release all marks and feedback to students.

2. Access ATLAS

a. Login to PebblePad (see our guide for help).

b. At the top of the screen, click the blue globe icon to open ATLAS.

ATLAS globe icon

3. Release feedback

a. Click the name of the Workspace containing your assignment.

ATLAS dashboard

b. Click Submissions.

Submissions button


c. Tick the box to the left of the Submission details column header.



d. Click Manage feedback.
Manage feedback button

e. Select Release feedback to the authors, then click Continue.

 Release feedback to authors option


f. Select both Grades and Feedback comments to release marks at the same time as feedback.

 Feedback to release

g. Click Release feedback.

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Page last updated: 17/11/2020

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