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1. Introduction to ATLAS

ATLAS is the part of PebblePad designed to support active teaching, learning and assessment. Students, who can be organised into groups or sets on workspaces, typically submit their assets for feedback, peer review or validation. ATLAS supports University processes and activities such as blind and double blind marking, external review, marking and assessment archiving.

Watch this video to find out more:

Example of the Dashboard in ATLAS:

 ATLAS dashboard

To make your life easier while optimising opportunities for learning, ATLAS includes:

Shareable, reusable collections of feedback statements, watch the clip to find out more:

Customisable feedback templates, watch the clip to find out more:

Extensive reporting on submitted assets, and tools to manage multiple groups in a single workspace and, complete logging of workspace activity

Plus, a 3-level approval system for comprehensive quality assurance, watch the clip to find out more:

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