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Anonymous Marking (Turnitin)

1. Introduction

This guide provides information for staff working with anonymous Turnitin assignments.

What are anonymous assignments?

When a Turnitin assignment is set to anonymous, student names are removed from the submissions inbox and the title bar in Feedback Studio.

An example screenshot of a submissions inbox:
Example anonymous student list

An example screenshot of the title bar in Feedback Studio:
Anonymous title bar example

Do I have to use anonymous marking?

There's no University anonymous marking policy for assignments. 

Check with your Course Team / School to see if you have a local policy. It's really important to be consistent in this area as consistency impacts on student satisfaction.

2. Before you start - key information

Important: If you use anonymous marking in Turnitin, please be aware of the following points below that until the assignment post date (the date that marks and feedback are released to students):

a. You can't download anonymous assignments or export marks until after the post date. The export buttons are not available and you cannot download bulk or individual files.
Download buttons greyed out

b. You can't identify students who have not submitted. Author names are hidden.

Other key information about anonymous assignments:

c. Student names are hidden in the submissions inbox and Feedback Studio. Inform the students not to type their name on the submission (although username e.g.Student ID c1234567, may be desirable).

d. You can only identify students by the paper ID (which is not the same as student ID).
Paper ids

e. Names are revealed on the assignment post date

f. You can reveal individual names if you provide a reason. This is logged to ensure an audit trail. Once a student has been revealed, it cannot be undone.
Reveal reason

g. You can't edit the Start Date, Due Date or Post Date after the Post Date has already passed. After this point, the only way to change assignment dates is to edit your assignment settings so that the assignment is not anonymous (cannot be undone). The dates can be changed if required.

3. Create an anonymous assignment

Step by step guidance is available in our Create a Turnitin Assignment guide. The anonymous assignment setting is located in the Account Specific settings section.

If you are planning to share the marking with other tutors, you may also want to refer to our Dividing Students into Sub-Groups guide.

4. Disable anonymous marking

To reveal an individual student's name:

a. If necessary, you can click the Reveal Anonymous link for an assignment submission to enter a reason why you need to reveal an individual student's name. The reason is logged in the system for audit purposes. When you click the tick icon, the student's name becomes visible. (NB:You cannot reverse once revealed).

Reveal reason

b. To switch off anonymous marking for the whole assignment:

Refer to our Edit a Turnitin Assignment guide contains instructions for modifying assignment settings.

c. You can manually disable anonymous marking at any time by changing the Use Anonymous Marking setting to No.

Switch of anonymous marking

d. You can turn anonymous marking on and off until a student submits an attempt. After the first submission, you can only turn it off.

5. Mark an anonymous assignment

Step by step guidance is available in our Mark Turnitin Submissions guide.

6. Release marks to students

Step by step guidance is available in our Release Marks and Feedback to Students guide.

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