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Create and attach a Grading Form

1. Introduction

You can use a grading form to structure written feedback against a set of criteria. This can help students to understand the marks you have allocated, as the grading form provides added detail.

What do grading forms look like?

If you create and attach a grading form to a Turnitin assignment, it will appear in the feedback panel on the right of a student's paper when marking online.

In the example below, this grading form contains 3 criteria under which instructors can leave written feedback. As scoring is enabled for this grading form, there are boxes to the right of each criterion where instructors can specify marks for each section.

Example grading form

Sharing grading forms

You can share grading forms with other instructors. For more information about this, see our guide to importing and exporting Rubrics/Grading Forms.

Student perspective

If you attach a grading form to a Turnitin assignment, your students will also be able to access this via an icon in the Tools section of the submissions inbox.

2. Access the Rubric and Form Manager

You can access the Rubric and Form Manager in three ways:

Option 1: When creating a new Turnitin the blue rubric icon to the right of the drop-down list.

Rubric icon

Option 2: Via the Turnitin submissions the blue rubric icon in the Tools section.

Rubric icon

Option 3: Within Feedback Studio when viewing a student's paper... click the blue rubric icon in the panel on the right, then click the cog icon.

Rubric icon

3. Create a Grading Form

a. Access the Rubric and Form Manager via one of the methods described in step 2 of this guide.

b. The quickest method is via the Submissions Inbox  

c. Click the Rubric icon followed by the pop up box menu icon (top left, three lines) and choose 'Create new grading formfrom the list.

d.Type a name for your grading form then click anywhere outside of the text field to save.

e. Enter your criterion titles and descriptions in each text field. These are saved as you click outside of each field. You can use the plus icon to add further criteria.

f. If you plan to use your grading form to add comments, you can disable scoring by deselecting the check box at the bottom left of the form, (depending on your view of the Rubric and Form Manager).

Example of the check box to deselect scoring via the submissions inbox:

Enable scoring checkbox

g. When you have finished setting up your grading form, click Save

4. Modify a Grading Form

Important: You cannot edit a grading form that you have already started using with an assignment or that has been shared with you.

a. Access the Rubric and Form Manager via one of the methods described in step 2 of this guide.

b. Click the menu icon at the top left of the Turnitin Rubric and Form Manager . 

c. Use the drop-down list to select the grading form that you want to edit. (NB: You cannot edit grading forms that someone else has shared with you).

d. Make your changes to the grading form.

e. When you have finished editing your form, click Save.

5. Duplicate a Grading Form

As you cannot edit a grading form once it is attached to an assignment, you may instead want to duplicate the form to edit and reuse elsewhere.

a. Access the Rubric and Form Manager via the Rubrics Manager (as described in your preferred  method at step 2 of this guide).

b. Click the menu icon, select the grading form that you want to duplicate from the menu options.

c. Click the menu icon, then click Duplicate.

d. Click Save.

6. Attach a Grading Form

a. Open the submissions inbox for your Turnitin assignment, then click Modify.

b. Scroll down to the Assignment section.

c. Select your grading form from the Turnitin Rubric drop-down list.

d. Click Update Assignment.

Important: Detaching a grading form will remove existing scores from the assignment.

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