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Edit a Turnitin assignment

1. Introduction

This guide provides instructions about editing Turnitin assignment settings.

You can modify most of your assignment settings by hovering over the assignment, clicking the action link (arrow button) that appears to the right of the assignment name, then clicking Edit from the drop-down menu.

If you need to change assignment dates (the Start Date, Due Date or Post Date), the process is also slightly different. 

IMPORTANT: Please do not change the assignment post date if you have added feedback using a rubric or grading form. Contact us for advice if you need to change your post date under these circumstances.

2. Edit assignment settings

a. In a module, turn Edit Mode ON and find the assignment.

Edit Mode

b. Click the action link (circle with down arrow) then click Edit. 

Edit an assignment

c. On the Modify Assignment page, you can change most of the assignment settings. 

d. Click Update Assignment to save changes.

3. Edit assignment dates

a. In a module, turn Edit Mode ON and find the assignment.

b. Click the action link (circle with down arrow) then click Edit.

Edit an assignment

c. To change Start, Due or Post Date, click View Assignment.

View assignment

d. In the Tools section, click Edit Parts. This is above the export buttons.

Turnitin Edit Parts button

e. Click the calendar icon to the right of the date you need to change.

  • Start Date: The date from which students can start submitting to the assignment.
  • Due Date: The date that the assignment is due. Students can't submit after the due date unless late submissions are enabled.
  • Post Date: The date that marks and feedback will be released for all submissions. Important - please do not change the post date if you have marked using a rubric or grading form. **Contact us for advice if you find yourself under these circumstances.

f. Select the date and time, then click Done.

g. Click Update Parts to save changes.

Update Parts

4. Restrictions

There are some system restrictions for editing assignments if using Anonymous assignments:

  • You can't change an assignment to use anonymous marking if students have already started submitting papers.
  • For anonymous assignments, you can't change the Start Date, Due Date and Post Date if the Post Date has passed. This is because the students' names have been revealed and Turnitin will display an error message if you try to change any of the dates at this point.

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