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Get started: Key information

1. Introduction

Turnitin is a suite of online submission, text matching and feedback tools. All level 4 and 7 student written assignments should be submitted via Turnitin to comply with University policy. 

More information about the policy can be found on the University Academic Integrity pages.

2. Benefits of using Turnitin

Turnitin can help you:

  • Confirm students aren’t colluding
  • Help students understand academic integrity and plagiarism
  • Ensure students stick to academic integrity policy
  • Mark work / provide feedback online
  • Mark work on the go
  • Identify if a student has tried to submit an assignment.

3. Training

We deliver scheduled, bookable training sessions for all staff in September and January, as well as tailored sessions for Schools / Course teams throughout the year.  Please get in touch with us to discuss your training needs (contact details are at bottom of this page).

4. File submission requirements

Note: Large files may take longer to process at the point of submission, please advise students to allow enough time and consider this as a factor for any late submissions that you receive.

  • Turnitin can accept files of up to 800 pages 
  • Files of up to 100MB are accepted. (Files over 100MB cannot be submitted)
  • Submission titles must be between 4 and 60 characters
  • All submitted files must contain at least 20 words and 100 characters. (For image submissions use Blackboard Assignments)
  • PDFs must be text based rather than image based, this occurs when documents are scanned.

5. File formats accepted

PDF submissions are the best format but the following are also accepted
  • Word / text – .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .txt
  • PowerPoint – .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx
  • Excel – .xls, .xlsx
  • Other – .html, .hwp, Adobe PostScript, Corel, Wordperfect. 

6. Originality report generation

It may take up to 48 hours to return originality reports to students at peak submission times. If a report hasn’t been returned yet, it displays as Pending in the Submissions Inbox.

7. Identify if a student has attempted to submit an assignment 

On occasions, you may need to check student engagement to decide if students have attempted to submit an assignment. There are two methods to run a report (or ask Digital Learning Service to investigate, see contact details at the bottom of this page).

a. To view if the student has accessed the Turnitin submission box, run the ‘Student Overview for Single Course’ module report for that student from within the affected module via Module Management.  Find out how via the guide: Module Reports 

b. You can also use EesySoft module reports for assessment engagement. Refer to the Eesysoft Guide for more information.

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