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Print a PeerMark review

1. Print a review

a. In the Submissions Inbox, click the Launch Turnitin PeerMark Review icon:

 peer mark review launch

b.  Choose a review from the students listed by double-clicking the Review icon (you may need to reduce your view to see the right-hand side of the PeerMark Reviews dialogue box):

peer mark rev list

c. Click the Print button in the screen that appears:

print icon

d. Then click the Print button in the next screen that appears:

print icon next screen

e. Then ensure Save as PDF is selected in the right hand side under the Destination option list.  Then click Save:

save as pdf screenf. In the dialogue box that appears, enter the file name and choose the save location - then click Save:

save as pdf screen dialog boxg. Open the file from its saved location and print

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