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Reactivate a read-only assignment

1. Introduction

This guide explains why Turnitin assignments change to read-only status, and provides information about how you can reopen assignments to add or edit feedback.

2. Why do assignments become read-only?

Turnitin assignments have a start date, due date and post date.

  • Start Date: Determines when students can start submitting to the assignment.
  • Due Date: Determines when assignments are due. Set this to the due date specified in the Module Handbook. Students can't submit after the due date unless late submissions are enabled.
  • Post Date: The date marks and feedback will be released for all submissions. We recommend that you set this to the date in the Module Handbook to ensure you're following the policy of work being marked within four weeks of the due date.
    If circumstances arise which prevent work being marked by the Post Date, it is important that you edit this before the date passes and inform students of a new post date with a module announcement / email.

When the last post date in any assignment within a module has passed, the assignments will become read-only. This is because the module has expired within Turnitin.

This means that staff and students can view assignments and feedback, but staff are no longer able to add new feedback or edit existing feedback.

3. How do I reactivate a read-only assignment?

If you need to edit a read-only assignment, you can create a temporary Turnitin assignment with a post date in the future. This will reactivate all read-only assignments within your module.

You can delete the temporary assignment when you have finished making changes.

Note: if you are still marking submissions, you will need to change the assignment post date if you don't want your students to see their marks and feedback straight away.

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