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Recycle a Turnitin assignment

1. Introduction

This guide explains how to recycle Turnitin assignments that you have copied from one module to another.

Why do I have to recycle copied assignments?

Copied Turnitin assignments retain the same start date, due date and post date as the original. This means that students will not be able to make any submissions to the assignment, unless you recycle the assignment submission box.

NB: The copied assignment will not appear in MyBeckett's Grade Centre automatically.

If you try to create or edit a copied Turnitin assignment before recycling, you will see a message prompting you to recycle the assignment.

What happens when I recycle a copied assignment?

Recycling a Turnitin assignment clears all existing Turnitin assignment data from your MyBeckett module. This allows you to create new assignments, or set a new start date, due date and post date for copied assignments. 

Note: The original data is retained in Turnitin, but is no longer attached to the new module in MyBeckett.

2. Recycle copied Turnitin assignments

a.Locate a Turnitin assignment within your copied module and click View Assignment

View assignment button

b. Click Recycle Turnitin Direct Assignments.

Recycle Turnitin Direct Assignments button

c. A green bar will appear at the top of the page when the recycling process is complete.

Complete message

You can also recycle assignments via the Module Management menu.

a. In the Module Management menu, click Module Tools.

Module Tools link

b. Click Turnitin Direct Tools.

Turnitin Direct Tools link

c. Click Recycle Turnitin Direct Assignments.

Recycle Turnitin Direct Assignments button

d. A message will appear when the process is complete.

3. What next?

After you have recycled your copied Turnitin assignments, we strongly recommend that you do not reuse/edit last year's assignment (as students will not be able to submit), therefore after a module copy in the new module only please:

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