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Release marks and feedback to students

1. Introduction

This guide explains how to release marks and feedback to students from Turnitin and Blackboard assignments. 

It is a two step process, the students will only see their own grades via 'Provisional Grades' and instructors will see all students and all assignments within the grid called 'Full Grade Centre'.  

You may want to read through this guide before implementing the steps.

You need to make the Provisional Grades link visible in your MyBeckett module navigation menu for students to access marks and feedback within your module.

a. By default, the Provisional Grades link is hidden from students. This is indicated by a square icon with a line through it that you will only see when you are in Edit Mode.


b. To reveal the Provisional Grades link to students, click the circular down arrow button the menu options to Rename and Show Link. Click Show Link (rename it, if you wish).

Show link to students for Provisional Grades

c. The square icon with a line through it will disappear from the module navigation menu, showing that the Provisional Grades link is now live for students using the module.

d. If you need to hide the link, repeat the above actions and select Hide Link.

3. Release marks and feedback from Turnitin assignments

When creating a Turnitin assignment, you are required to specify a start date, due date, and post date. 

If you follow our recommended settings when setting up your Turnitin assignment, students will be able to view their marks and feedback once the post date has passed. The Grade Centre column will become visible automatically.

a. Start Date: Determines when students can start submitting to the assignment.

b. Due Date: Determines when assignments are due. Set this to the due date specified in the Module Handbook. Students can't submit after the due date unless late submissions are enabled.

c. Post Date: The date marks and feedback will be released for all submissions. We recommend that you set this to the date in the Module Handbook to ensure you're following the policy of work being marked within four weeks of the due date. 

*Important: If circumstances arise which prevent work being marked by the post date, it is important that you edit this before the date passes and inform students of a new post date with a module announcement / email

**NB: There is a risk of losing any graded assignments feedback when using Rubrics in Turnitin, please get in touch with the Digital Learning Service for advice before changing post dates.

4. Release marks and feedback from Blackboard assignments

Blackboard assignments do not have the option of an automatic post date for marks and feedback. However, when creating a Blackboard assignment, you can hide student grades by deselecting the options to Include in Grade Centre grading calculations' and 'Show to students in My Grades' (known as Provisional Grades in MyBeckett).

*Important: If you choose to hide grades from students, you will need to remember to make them visible after you have entered all marks and feedback. This is a manual process, described below.

a. Access the Full Grade Centre from the Module Management menu.

b. Any columns hidden from students are marked by a square with a red line through it (see example of red line through a black circle below).  

Find the column for your Blackboard or Turnitin assignment that you want to reveal (you may need to scroll to the right). Now click the down arrow to the right of column title (see example image below shown with a red square)

Columns in Grade Centre hidden from students example

c. Now select Edit Column Information from the drop-down list.

Edit Column Information button

d. Scroll down to the 'Options' section. To change the following settings and reveal grades to students select the following three options:

1. Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations: Choose Yes if you want the data to affect calculated columns, such as the running total.

2. Show this Column to Students: Choose Yes. This allows students to view their grades.

3. Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades (known as Provisional Grades in MyBeckett Optional. If you want students to be able to compare their grade against the module average and median, choose Yes.

Options set to Yes

e. Click Submit to apply the changes. The square icon with a red line through will no longer be showing to you in the column heading, which means the column grades are now visible to each student.

5. How can I tell if students have viewed Turnitin marks and feedback?

If a student has opened a Turnitin submission for more than 30 seconds, the eye icon in the column to the right of Date Submitted will change from grey to green.You can hover your cursor over the eye icon to find out the date and time that the student viewed the paper.

Grade viewed indicator Student eye icon turns green Hover over the eye icon to display date and time

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