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Second marking / multiple markers in Feedback Studio

1. Introduction

Second marking is often used as a process of moderation. In this method, the second marker samples work that has already been marked first, with annotations and marks attached, in order to check overall standards.

Second marking occurs in the same way as first marking, with the second marker accessing the Turnitin link(s) and using Feedback Studio for second marking, with the first marker’s comments available.

2. Differentiation

To differentiate a second marker’s comments from the first marker’s comments, Turnitin Feedback Studio now labels inline comments (QuickMarks and bubble comments) with each marker's initials. You may also wish to highlight text in a different colour and assign colours to each marker beforehand.

This ensures the student or external examiner can see the comments are from a second marker.

Please note, if you are marking using the Turnitin iPad app, it does not add initials to differentiate between markers. You may wish to add your initials as part of any written comments that you add.

3. Second marking

a. Open the submission in Feedback Studio.

b. Left-click and drag your mouse over the text you want to leave a comment on.

c. Click the speech icon in the bubble to open the comment box.

Speech bubble icon

d. Click into the white box to write your comment. If you have allocated different highlight colours to each marker, select the colour that's been assigned to you and click Save.

Select colour

e. The second marker should follow the same steps.
Second marker colour

Important: If you highlight and add a comment to text that another marker has already commented on, the highlight colour will be a mix of markers' assigned colours.

f. You can view your colleague's comments by hovering over a speech bubble icon.

4. Agree on a final mark

Feedback Studio provides a general comments section to add overall comments on a submission. It has a 5000 character limit, so if both markers use it, comments should be relatively brief. You can access this by clicking the feedback icon (a pencil) in the panel on the right.

Feedback side panel

Comments box

Important: There is no way for first and second markers to put two separate marks on a paper. If there is a difference of opinion, markers need to discuss this to arrive at a final mark.

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