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https://kahoot.com/ - For teachers to use when setting up account & quizzes

https://kahoot.it/ - For students to access when playing the quizzes



Kahoot is an interactive multiple choice quiz tool which can be a great way to assess students’ knowledge and understanding in a fun and engaging way. The teacher creates the multiple choice questions beforehand (or they can search the database of quizzes already available) and then presents the quiz during a session to the students.

The students use their web enabled devices (laptops / tablets / smartphones) to answer the questions in real-time. Students can get points for the correct answer and also for the speed with which they answered the questions.


Interactive quizzes have been shown to improve student learning & engagement in course content (Quinn, 2016) and by “gamifying” the experience can increase student learning and concentration (Bangerter, 2017). The students are able to individually judge their own understanding (based on their answers and the correct answer) in an anonymous way. The teacher can also reflect upon the effectiveness of their teaching by seeing how many students have got the correct answer.

When Kahoot quizzes are effectively constructively aligned, they can be an important feature of the learning process that engages students and increases their motivation and engagement. (Zarzycka-Piskorz, 2016).


Staff can use their Google ID to log in & create an account (Their Staff email address & usual Password).

In action

See what it looks like in action:


Kahoot has it’s own online support here: https://kahoot.com/help/

Page last updated: 18/07/2018

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