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Calendar options

Distance Learning Courses are delivered either according to the standard University calendar or to the alternative calendar which allows for three calendar starts per year (see below for details).  

Standard calendar
If you choose to use the standard University calendar, students usually study two modules per semester (four per year), can have up to two intake points (September and January) and the course usually runs for 2 years. However, please take into account Student Study Time as each module requires students to study between 10 - 14 hours per week. You may find that by running two modules at once students are less engaged or perform more poorly in one of the modules. 

Three Starts Per Year calendar

If you choose to use the Three Starts Per Year calendar, students usually study one module per trimester (three per year), can have up to three intake points (September, January and May) and the course usually runs for 3 years. This is better for student engagement, but needs to be managed carefully from a staff deployment point of view as the trimesters differ to the semester dates.  

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