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Module Structure

Your online module should have a solid structure (which is usually similar to other modules in the course to maintain course identity) and learning content will typically be divided onto units or topics across teaching weeks. Each 20 credit module needs to deliver 200 national hours of study, which will usually run over one term.

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Module Induction material

Your module induction material should include: 

  • Welcome and brief description
  • Module learning outcomes
  • Outline of module learning activities
  • Timetable
  • Teaching/support team information and contact details
  • Outline of assessment
  • Icebreaker activity
  • Induction week reading (if applicable)

Learning material

Your learning material should add up to between 10 - 14 hours of study per week and each topic should include the following:

  • Introduction to the week and a list of what the student is expected to complete that topic
  • Learning objectives and indication of study time required
  • Presentations with audio in chunks (we recommend approximately 10-15 minutes) which cover the core topic theory (either PPT or video)
  • Activities e.g. discussion boards, group work, quizzes, reflection on reading, evaluations
  • Feedback mechanisms 
  • Reading material which must be available electronically
    •  Essential reading
    • Additional reading
  • Additional resources or activities
    • Links to website, videos etc

Summative assessment

Students are always interested in what they need to do to pass the module (and course) so we normally recommend that summative assessment information is included from the beginning of the module. It should include: 

  • Instructions
  • Deadlines (including reassessment deadlines)
  • Marking scheme
  • Feedback mechanisms. 

You may also choose to include samples of previous work. 

Your feedback

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