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How much content should you be designing?

Our distance learners are usually busy people with a variety of commitments in their lives - work, family, social lives - and we want to provide a student experience that is manageable for them. This means that we don't provide students with huge reading lists that have no direction, and we also try to give an idea of time requirements for each activity within a module so that students can plan their time well. 

However, each module still needs to deliver 10 study hours per credit point - so 200 hours for a 20 credit module. The image below puts forward our recommendation for how that time should be split. 

What does this mean for students

This means that we expect students to be studying between 10 - 14 hours per week per module. Our Market Research shows that student expect to spend 8 - 10 hours per week studying. 

Where a course runs more than one module per term, the weekly study hours for students increase (2 modules per term mean 20 - 28 hours of study per week, and 3 modules per term mean 30 - 42 hours of study per week) which can cause quite a heavy load for students. This might mean that there is lower performance or less engagement on one module in a term compared to the other module running at the same time. 

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