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Core Design Principles

DLU have produced a set of ten core design principles to aid you in your distance learning development. These are split into five core development principles and five core delivery principles. 

The five core development principles are: 

  1. House Style (Including Navigation)
  2. Maintenance
  3. Efficiency
  4. Engagement
  5. Feedback

The five core delivery principles are: 

  1. Induction for Engagement
  2. Active Communication
  3. Proactive Support
  4. Formative Feedback
  5. Feedback Opportunities

Online learning and teaching methodologies

Most of our online modules fall into two categories of learning: behaviourism and constructivism. Sometimes a module or course may use a blend of both. 

Our online learning modules that follow these learning methodologies are usually presented according to one of three models: 

1) Flipped content (behaviourism)

2) Problem-based learning (constructivism)

3) Work-based learning (constructivism)

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