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Introduction to the Course Checklist

This checklist covers the main areas in a course lifecycle, picking out key points that you need to ensure are completed in order for your course to run successfully. 

Click through each section below to review the checklist. 

Course Checklist

Plus Icon Course Validation

Have you... 

  • Spoken to your Head of Subject and Dean of School about the course?
  • Spoken to any other stakeholders about the course?
  • Considered the course structure and calendar?
  • Completed the New Course Proposal and Course Information Form?
    If DL – Completed the DL Costings Template and Resource Planning Agreement?
  • Completed the Course and Module Specifications?
    Discussed these with Academic Librarian?
    Discussed these with Learning Technologist (campus courses) / Academic Instructional Designer (online courses)? 
  • Fulfilled any conditions or recommendations from Validation? 
Plus Icon Course Set Up
Have you...
  • Spoken to Marketing regarding your course?
    If DL – Spoken to DLU Operations and Marketing team?
  • Checked that the course is correctly on the OLP with all data accurate?
    Checked that the start dates are correct on the OLP? 
    Checked that the modules are correct on the OLP? 
  • Decided whether an online induction module is necessary? 
    Obtained a non-credit bearing CRN for induction? 
  • If DL – Spoken to the DL Admissions Officer regarding your course?
  • Obtained CRNs for delivery and tied all relevant parties?
    If necessary – crosslisted any modules with multiple CRNs and one delivery?
  • Completed a Course Handbook and Module Handbooks?
Plus Icon Course Development
Have you...
  • Secured deployment for the appropriate academics at the appropriate time?
  • If DL – Implemented a schedule for development with the Academic Instructional Designers? 
  • Held a Course Team meeting to discuss Course Identity? 
Plus Icon Welcome and Induction

Have you... 

  • Added a Welcome pack to the ORE system?
  • If DL – added instructions for how students should access their modules? DLU can help with a standardised template. 
Plus Icon Annual Monitoring and Review
Have you...
  • Obtained a Course Representative from the students? 
  • Scheduled Enhancement and Development Groups? 
  • Produced an Action Plan for the course?
  • Embedded Mid-Module Review and Module Evaluation? 
  • If DL - shared feedback with the Instructional Design Team?
Plus Icon Assessment
Have you...
  • Had your assessment approved by the External Examiner?
  • Marked and internally moderated the submissions?
  • Held any Mitigation Panels?
  • Held the Examination Committees?
  • Taken it to the Board of Examiners? 
  • Published the Results?
  • Dealt with any Appeals?
Plus Icon Modifications
  • Notified Admissions of any differing start dates or change of calendar?
  • Approached your Faculty Quality team to modify the course documentation? 
  • Modified the documentation so relevant parties are notified? 
  • If DL – noted any changes to the online material, and rated those changes according to the MoSCoW method? 

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