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What should you be designing

Online course design elements

This section covers the practical elements of online course design. We look at how modules are structured, and what inductions should include. We also look at the activities and resources you should be including and how they're curated. Finally, we also cover student study time so that we create an appropriate amount of study for our learners. 

In the online environment, a tutor does not guide the students through the topic as you would in the classroom. Instead you are required to provide more of a facilitative role, providing motivation and feedback as the students lead themselves through independent study.
When designing your materials and activities you must include pedagogical instruction and guidance within the text or audio. Whilst doing so consider what kind of role you want the tutor to have and build it into the design. For example you could incorporate:
  • Assignment marking where the tutor provides individual feedback
  • Model answers where the response is included in the VLE
  • Forum comments and guidance from the tutor
  • Peer assessment and review.
Remember to refer to the Core Design Principles when designing your content. 

Instructional design
This is the process by which academic content is designed into the online environment using online pedagogical techniques, graphic design, technical design and enriched activity design. Its focus is on the experience delivered to the learner via technology, prioritising engagement, course structures and learning styles.
Our Academic Instructional Designers work closely with the Module Developers – who are the Subject Matter Experts – to convey that content in a way that is suitable for the learner’s needs.

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