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Inclusive practice


This page brings together a wide range of resources relating to inclusive and accessible practice within teaching and learning. The resources cover assessment design, learning environments, learning resources and a number of other areas including international students and race. 

Ideas for Inclusive Induction can be found using the button below. 

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The Inclusive Course Design Tool

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Inclusive Assessment Guide

This guide was generated by the Inclusive Assessment Working Group at Leeds Beckett University. It is designed to support academic staff in providing a diverse range of students with inclusive assessment and academic support. You can access the guide on the QAS website. 

Inclusive Assessment Guide 

Universal Design for Learning

The UDL (Universal Design for Learning) guidelines (link below) is a tool for implementing the UDL framework. An evidence based framework  (based on Meyer and Rose's work in the 1990s) which is used to improve and optimise teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. These guidelines offer a set of concrete, practical suggestions that can be applied to any discipline or domain to ensure that all learners can access and participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities. They align well with  our own Leeds Beckett inclusive practice guidance and curriculum design principles.

Universal Design for Learning Guidelines

Leeds Beckett Disability Advice

This link will take you to the Leeds Beckett Disability Advice website that has guidance on the different types of disabilities your students may have. There are also contact details should you require guidance for specific cases.

Leeds Beckett Disability Advice

Creating Inclusive and Accessible Learning Environments

Inclusive and accessible learning environments - an info kit about enhancing inclusive and accessible learning environments generated in April 2016 by Leeds Beckett students on our Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice. Click here 

The Disability Advice team have produced a guide to producing Accessible and Alternative Formats of documents. The guide can be downloaded here. 

A session was run by Emeritus Fellow David Killick around exploring inclusivity. The resources from the session can be found here.  

The link below provides resources created by Manchester Metropolitan University around making your teaching and learning inclusive to all.

MMU Inclusive Curriculum Toolkit

Resources to support students whose first language or culture is not "English".

 A staff guide to cultural inclusivity was created for staff. The guide can be downloaded here. 

Specific guidance for international students from Skills for Learning.

External website resources

The 2010 Equality Act - which sets out the legal framework for equal action, including details of the categories of people with protected characteristics. Click here for a link to the Act. 

Here is a Best Practice Guide produced by Birmingham University for the sector called ‘LGBTQ-Inclusivity in the Higher Education Curriculum’. It’s full of valuable insights and advice, with relevance to wider areas of inclusivity in HE. Download here. 

This is a book published through the University of Sheffield provides some very useful ideas and suggestions how to make your teaching more inclusive. It includes ideas for presentations, handouts and lectures. There are also case- studies from the sector on how others have embedded inclusivity into their practice. Click here.

Higher Education Academy - Inclusive curriculum design in higher education and Inclusive learning and teaching in higher education

Inclusive assessment website by Plymouth University. Click here

This government guide is to support Higher Education Institutes in Inclusive Teaching and Learning as a route to Excellence and looks at making reasonable adjustments. The guide can be accessed here


Sally Brown on Inclusive Assessment

David Boud on Assessment 2020

Race and Higher Education

More information about this event can be found on this page.

Patchwork Assessment

Here is a useful guide if you are interested in continuous assessment as an inclusive form of assessment . Patchwork assessment means “The essence of a patchwork is that it consists of a variety of small sections, each of which is complete in itself, and that the overall unity of these component sections, although planned in advance, is finalized retrospectively, when they are ‘stitched together’.” Winter (2003: 112) . 

HEA Guide Patchwork Assessment 

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