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Developmental Activity

Developmental Activity


You should provide students with opportunities to develop themselves as part of your teaching.You can do this by varying the teaching methods you use and embedding real world examples into your content to allow for deep reflection, discussion, debate and critique.

 Feedback should be timely and constructive and in a manner that is useful to the student and allows time for them to consider how to improve.their wok and performance .Academic advisors should encourage self reflection  during meetings. You could consider using audio feedback to personalise the information.  Digital tools can be useful. For example, during a teaching session you could use interactive tools such as Poll Everywhere to assess student understanding and adapt your session depending on their responses. 

Things to consider

Case studies

Abdullah Faruq & Francesco Addesa  Motivating feedback with the pizza challenge quiz 
 Ben Hall & Ian Truelove  Creative & challenging learning – positives
 Stratis Koutsoukos  Making lectures interesting – some reflections
 Helen Nichols  Assessment via Panopto

Page last updated: 25/11/2020

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