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Library support

Library support

Developing your students' academic skills

The Library Academic Support Team can support you in developing your students’ skills in:

  • Information and digital literacy

  • Academic communication

  • English as an Additional Language

  • Maths and statistical analysis

  • Using IT

For all these areas, the Team provides academic skills teaching embedded in the curriculum, the Skills for Learning website, a programme of generic online events and an opportunity for one-to-one support through short appointments with Academic Librarians and Academic Skills Tutors.

Book in-curriculum sessions for your students

We can provide in-curriculum sessions for your students on a variety of topics to help develop their academic and professional skills. The Academic Skills Prospectus outlines all the sessions and you can make a booking by using our online request form.

Sessions are tailored to your module or assignments and allow your students to contextualise academic skills within their course content. We will upload asynchronous material into your MyBeckett module that students can access in their own time, but then we can also offer synchronous online discussions where students can ask the Academic Librarians or Academic Skills Tutors any questions they may have on the topic.
If you have any questions on in-curriculum sessions, please contact your Academic Librarian Team.

Self-directed skills support

Students can develop their academic skills on their own, or seek support and guidance, by using the following resources:

  • Our online subject guides encourage students to become self-reliant in their library research and digital literacy skills.
  • The Skills for Learning website has a wealth of information and downloadable material on topics such as academic writing, research skills and statistical analysis.
  • Throughout the year there are Skills for Learning open workshops that students from any course or level can attend. These include webinars, online academic skills drop-ins and Study Cafés where students can work remotely alongside peers. Students can find more information and book onto the events on MyHub.
  • Students can book half-hour appointments with Academic Librarians or Academic Skills Tutors who can help with academic skills, such as academic writing, finding library resources and referencing, as well as maths and statistics queries, and support for students with English as an Additional Language. Appointments can be online or by phone and can be booked using the Library’s Get Help form.

MyBeckett skills modules

  • LBU Study Ready is an academic skills module for students planning to study at Leeds Beckett. It aims to provide students with a taster of the skills they would need to develop in order to become successful learners. There is no login for this module - prospective students can just click on the Access button in the LBU Study Ready box on the MyBeckett login page.
  • Study Smart 21-22 is a module students can enrol on once they are at University and aims to introduce them to the key skills and services they’ll need to reach their potential at Leeds Beckett. It has three sections, each explaining a different set of tools or skills:
    1. Getting Started: finding out about the tools and technologies needed in the first few weeks of study
    2. Key Study Skills: including learning online, time management and keeping on track
    3. Research and Writing: the key research, writing and referencing skills needed to complete university assessments successfully.
  • Second Year Study Smart recognises that last year students didn't experience a 'normal' first year and so the module will help with their transition to Level 5.Its three sections cover:
    1. What’s Different in Your Second Year: students share experiences of their second year and tutors reveal their expectations for second-year students
    2. Using Your Feedback: learning about what feedback means
    3. Reflecting on Feedback: revisiting feedback received in Level 4 and completing a feedback action plan.
  • Study On is a Library, IT and key study skills induction module customised for taught postgraduates and gives tips and advice on what it's like to study at this level:
    1. Getting Started: finding out about the tools and technologies needed in the first few weeks of postgraduate study
    2. What's New: learning about the key study skills needed to be successful as a postgraduate, including reflection, independent learning and learning online
    3. Research and Writing: the key research, writing and referencing skills needed to complete postgraduate assessments successfully.
  • LBU Academic Integrity 2021/2022 provides information, videos and activities to introduce students to AI and to help them develop the skills they need for academic success.
  • English for Academic Studies is a module intended to help students whose first language is not English, and who may be used to a different education system, to adapt to the UK, university life and academic expectations. However, much of the module will be helpful to any student who needs to improve their academic English.

Online learning environments

MyBeckett is the University's virtual learning environment. Support materials for staff using MyBeckett and other systems such as Pebblepad and Turnitin include:

MyBeckett student guides are also available on the Library website alongside other student IT support and advice.

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