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Teach Learn changes Autumn 2022

In Autumn 2022 the Teach Learn website will be undergoing a number of changes and updates.  Initially the location of resources linked to the Learning Pathway can now be found under Excellent Academic Practice.

The section titled Excellent Academic Practice has 3 areas:

1. How to improve student outcomes:

2. How to build Learning Pathways through your course
3. Improving the Student Experience (NSS) - under development

Further changes will happen until January 2023, more detailed information will be communicated through the CLT digest and Digital Learning Newsletter.  If you find a broken link or are struggling to find a specific resource please contact (teaching, learning, course design, inclusive deisgn) or (MyBeckett, Turnitin, PebblePad etc.)

Spotlight on... Online marking

 Online marking can allow you to provide feedback to students in a range of ways such as inline comments, video   and audio comments. The feedback can then be accessed by students both on and off campus and at a time of day   that suits them, making it more accessible. Providing comments and marks electronically allows moderators and   external examiners to review the work in a time and place that is efficient for them, removing the need for all parties   to coordinate to submit, collect or return a single physical copy on campus. Audio feedback can add personalisation   and more nuanced comments for the students to take forward. 

There are a number of University supported systems that can help you to undertake online marking and feedback, such as Turnitin, Blackboard assignments and Pebblepad. You can find out more about which system might be best for your assessment in our online assessment and feedback mapping diagram.

For more information about how to use Turnitin, view our Turnitin guides. Information about how to use the Blackboard assignment tool is available in our Blackboard assignment guide, along with a comparison of the two tools.

Introduction Video

This short video introduces the site and how you can navigate to resources. 

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