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MyBeckett staff guides

Step by step guides for staff

What is MyBeckett?

Important Update: During August 2020 TeachLearn content will not be updated whilst this website is undergoing maintenance. 

We have created a temporary placeholder document for any urgent updates regarding MyBeckett and Digital Learning staff guides.

MyBeckett is our University Portal and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It allows staff and students to access a range of systems, services, module teaching materials, online assessments and feedback tools. 

It's heavily customised by the Digital Learning Service, based on student and staff feedback. Students and staff see relevant, personalised content when they log in. Distance Learning and some Franchise Partner students have their own personalised portal view.

The list below contain all relevant links to our staff guides to MyBeckett at Leeds Beckett University. 

    Basics, navigation and content creation

    Plus Icon Plan and prepare (including non-credit module and cross-list requests)
    Plus Icon Create basic content (including student preview)
    Plus Icon Add or Embed Panopto / YouTube / Video / Slides / Microsoft Tools (Sway/Forms)
    1. Add a Panopto Replay lecture recording
    2. Embed a YouTube video
    3. Embed Microsoft O365 tools Sways & MS Forms
    4. Embed a Google Slides / Forms
    . Add a SCORM content package
    6. Create a Task List

    Communication and collaboration

    Plus Icon Communication tools (announcements, emails, course groups, mobile apps)
    Plus Icon Collaboration tools (blogs, discussion boards, journals, sub-groups, wikis, MS Teams)

    Module management and student engagement

    Plus Icon Module appearance
    1. Customise style and theme (including adding a banner and changing the module home page)
    Plus Icon Manage access to specific content (adaptive release)
    1. Adaptive Release (allow specific students to view content)
    2. Instructor-only content
    Plus Icon Student engagement (learning analytics)
    1. Eesysoft Module reports
    2. Retention Centre (check students' engagement)
    3. Review the status of content items (Student Tracker Tool)
    4. Module Reports
    5. Performance Dashboard

    Online assessment and feedback

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